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Parking Point is for everyone, doesn't matter if you are a business or individual. Our platform allows anyone to contact space owners to rent out parking spaces.


We have parking spaces starting from £5.00 to over £1000.00 monthly, all depends on the location, facilities and type of the parking space. There is no fee for listing parking spaces.

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If you are a space owner (driveways, parking lots, garages etc..), you have come to right place. In this page, you can find all the information you need, to get started earning. You can list your parking spaces for free with no admission fee and no expire date. You decide how much your parking space is worth.

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Contact your local council or solicitor to find out if you have to take any action before you rent out your space.

You will need a parking space rental contract, we will provide you with a sample template. You can also attach your own rental contract by contacting us.

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